Ask Me Anything: 7 Answers to your questions about Roku Com link

Stuck on the Roku activation process? Or struggling with locating the Roku Com Link Code? Or having any other issues regarding the Roku com link? then you have landed on the right page. Here we will answer your most asked questions about the Roku com link. 

All the processes regarding Roku can be handled and managed by the user itself by just sitting on your couch. You only required high-speed internet at your place. Therefore,  just by following some basic steps, you can overcome all the limitations that you are getting with the Roku com link.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Roku Com Link

To begin with, you must have a few things to set up and check the wifi connectivity.  Let dive into answering the questions about the Roku com link. 

How do I activate my Roku using Roku com link?

Activating any Roku device whether it is a Roku player or streaming stick, is quite a simple and effortless process. Roku com link makes it more convenient for the user to access their account. If you are unaware of the process of creating a Roku account, we will cover this topic further on this page. 

For activating your Roku device, firstly, make sure to set up the device with your TV. then follow the below steps for a hassle-free activation process using the Roku com link. 

Step 1- Set up your Roku device

  • Connect your Roku streaming device to your TV using the HDMI cable. Make sure to check the port number on your TV, in which you inserted the cable. 
  • Select the port number,  for instance (HDMI 1 or HDMI 2) from your TV settings.
  • Connect the device and the TV with a high-speed internet connection (Speed must be more than 3 Mbps)

Step 2- Link your device using Roku com link code

  • Now open the browser on the web (latest Apple Safari or Google Chrome is preferred) or on a smartphone, tablet, etc. 
  • Visit
  • Now if you have already created a Roku account proceed further, if not, then create one. 
  • As soon as the Roku account is created, there is an option in “My account” 
  • There you can select the option of “link my device”
  • A link code will be displayed on the TV screen, note that the link code somewhere for future reference. 
  • Enter that link code into the Roku com link
  • Doing this will activate your Roku streaming device

Following the above steps shall activate your Roku devices. However, any errors occur at the time of the Roku activation process, you can contact us anytime!

How do I activate my Roku for free?

For activating Roku devices, Roku doesn’t charge anything, it is absolutely free. All you need is to access the internet and connect the devices and TV to high-speed wifi or ethernet connection. following things required to activate your Roku for free- 

  • Internet connection 
  • Create Roku account 
  • Activate your Roku account by signing up at
  • Enter the valid email id and password. 
  • After creating/ logging into your account, you can activate your device for free with the Roku com link. 

How to activate my Roku TV?

For activating your Roku TV, you need to follow the steps which will help you set up the device and you will be able to enjoy the best streaming experience with Roku TV. The activation process for Roku TV will be completed by following the steps below- 

  • Firstly, Insert batteries in the Roku remote control
  • Then, Turn on the TV
  • Choose a language of your preference
  • Select the “home use” option
  • Then, connect your Roku TV to the high-speed internet connection
  • Now, download the latest software for your Roku TV
  • Create a Roku account and activate your Roku TV using the Roku com link 
  • Connect your devices and the Roku TV activation is processed. 

Where do I enter my Roku activation code using the Roku com link?

It is a very easy process, you need to enter the Roku activation code on the web, smartphone, or tablet. For entering the code visit and a window will appear. You must enter the code in the space provided on the page. 

As soon as you enter the link code,  activation of the Roku devices will be initiated. Now you will be able to watch your favorite shows on your TV. 

What to do if my Roku activation code is not working? 

There can be situations where the Roku link code or activation code doesn’t work. At these times, you must run some troubleshooting steps- 

  • Check your internet connection, if not working properly, reboot the router
  • It is possible that the Roku activation code is expired, so you will need a new link code. 
  • For new code, just press the “Start button” on your Roku remote. 
  • This will generate a new activation code
  • Without any delay, enter the code on

How do I find my Roku account information?

I know it must be frustrating to forget your Roku account details, especially at the time when you need to activate or add any channel to your streaming device. Worry not! You can now recover or reset  your password and email address by following the steps below 

Steps to recover your password or reset your password-

  • Type on the web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 
  • If you have already logged in to your account then sign out. 
  • And then try going to the same link again. 
  • You will see the Forget password hyperlink on the page. 
  • Enter the email address
  • Click on the “submit” button and proceed further.
  • Now, a password recovery mail will be sent to your registered email id.  
  • Open your inbox (make sure to check all the folders, if the mail doest appear).
  • Click on the link sent by the Roku team on the email. (do not delay much, as the link is active for only one hour)
  • After clicking, you will be redirected to the create password page
  • Now set a password, and make sure to write it down somewhere safe. So that you don’t forget it again. Also, make sure to set a strong password. 
  • Finally, you will be able to sign up using a new password. 

Steps to recover/ know the information of the registered Email Id

  • Firstly you need to check the email address linked with your Roku device
  • On your TV on which your Roku streaming device is connected. 
  • Now, press the “Home” button on your Roku remote. 
  • Scroll to select the “Settings” option on your TV. 
  • After that select the “System” option. 
  • Lastly, select “About” to view the email address. 
  • The linked /registered email id will be displayed on the screen

How do I sign into Roku on my TV?

For signing up for Roku, you need to follow the easy steps and your Roku account will be easily created. 

  • Visit the
  • On the top left corner of the web page, you will see an option “sign up”
  • Click on the “Sign up“ option 
  • Now, you must enter your valid details like full name and email id
  • Make sure your email id is active and valid as all the notifications regarding your subscriptions, channels, updates will be sent to your mail.  
  • After that, set a strong password. It must include an uppercase, lowercase, special character, and number. 
  • Once the password is created, make sure to save it somewhere, so that you can remember it, if you forget

I hope this helps! 

If you need any assistance with updating the streaming device, linking Roku devices, adding channels to your account, purchasing subscriptions, you can contact us any hour of the day. 

Happy streaming with Roku!

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