Resolve Roku Activation Issues using the Roku com link

Setting up a Roku device is pretty much a fast process. People usually struggle at the time of the Roku com link activation process. The question that arises is Why is the Roku com link not working? Or Why is the activation link code not displaying on the screen? Or how do I get a link code for activation? Do not get worried about these small activation issues. You can resolve Roku activation issues using the Roku com link. 

To begin with, answer a few questions and then proceed with troubleshooting- 

  • Have you restarted your wireless connection? 
  • Have you tried using some other wireless network? 
  • Did you restart your Roku device and TV? 

Try the above suggestions, if still the issues do not get resolved then please contact the Roku activation support. Also, let us check out the issues and the solution to the problem on this page. 

How to Activate the Roku device using the Activation Link Code at Roku com link?

For activating your Roku streaming devices, you need to follow certain procedures which include- 

  • Setting up your Roku device
  • Connecting your streaming device and Tv onto the same wireless network
  • Visiting
  • Entering the activation link code
  • Creating Roku account 

How to Resolve Roku activation Issues using Roku Com link?

There can be many problems that can stop your activation process. However, you can avoid those errors by following some basic guidelines. Until and unless there is any major technical fault in the Roku device, you can fix all other small issues by yourself using Roku com link. Therefore, steps that you must take to avoid any issues in concern with Roku activation and linking process, for better streaming experience are – 

Problem 1-

Roku Link activation doesn’t appear on the TV screens  


  1. Restart the wifi router, if it doesn’t work then try to connect the device and the TV with some different internet network. For instance, connect to the mobile hotspot 

(make sure you use a mobile hotspot for just setting up the device, not for streaming )

  1. Update the Roku device and then try again 
  2. Make sure to set the resolution of the screen up to the standard level. 
  3. Always reboot the streaming device and TV and then try again. 

Problem 2-

Unable to Create an Account at roku com link create account


  1. Firstly, make sure that you are using a valid email id for signing up for the Roku account. 
  2. Also, the password must be strong otherwise you will not be able to create your account
  3. Try reloading the tab of your browser and then try again. 
  4. Sometimes, there are technical faults that occur and the website doesn’t load properly. (The reason behind this problem heavy load on the website. Thus you can wait for some time and try later again after refreshing the page.)

Problem 3- 

Roku Activation link code not working


  1. This could happen if the link code is expired. Try regenerating your Activation link code by using the Roku remote. All you need to do is – go to the setting of the streaming device then press the “Start” button on the Roku remote. 
  2. Another way out of this problem can be rebooting the entire system and reconnecting it with the wifi again. 
  3. Also, make sure to use on the updated version of the browser. If the browser is not the latest one, it can show some errors.  

Perks of using Roku com link

Roku com link tends to reduce the efforts required by the user to activate their Roku devices. It is the most convenient way to activate the devices. Also, it saves a lot of money and time for the users, as the conventional cable operators charge whenever any activation is being processed. Roku com link has changed the way of streaming TV channels and movies because it processes so many tasks related to the Roku in just one page i.e Roku com link. 

This link provides, activation, updating, adding channels, removing channels, accessing your Roku account, getting all the information about your current subscriptions, and much more. All the things and information is linked to a code. As soon as the code of your Roku device is added, you will be able to access that information which is indeed very convenient as per the user’s point of view. 

The following are the major benefits that Roku com link provides their customers- 

  • Effortless linking of the Roku devices
  • Totally free of cost activation process
  • Anytime access to the users for performing their required Roku activation or linking tasks. 
  • Reduces manpower, unlike local cable provides, you do not need to bother about the customer support for picking up your call. With Roku com link, you can do the activation process by yourself. 
  • You can also create your account or just link the guest account with the help of roku com link. 
  • Roku com link manages to show all the subscription that you are currently enrolled in and all the channels and movies that you have added to your Roku streaming device 
  • Shows your payment history, as when you create your Roku account, your every activity will be linked to your account. Thus it will also show which subscription is getting expired and which needs to be updated. 
  • Shows all your linked devices. 

I hope this helps!

Therefore, the Roku com link is the one-stop place where you can get almost everything related to your Roku streaming devices. If still having some issues related to the Activation link code on the Roku com link, then without any hesitation, contact us!

Happy Streaming on Roku!

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